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Monitor Updates

Update No. 1, Late Claim Deadline (rev. 10/1/03)

Update No. 2, Cured Defective Claims (8/14/00)

Update No. 3, Deadlines for Petitions for Monitor Review (rev. 10/1/03)

Update No. 4, Injunctive Relief (rev. 5/18/05)

Update No. 5, Eligibility and Monitor Review (rev. 10/30/02)

Update No. 6, Freeze on USDA Acceleration and Foreclosures (rev. 10/1/03)

Update No. 7, Claimant and Claimant Attorney Access to USDA Documents (rev. 10/1/03)

Update No. 8, Procedural Rules for the Track B Monitor Petition Process (rev. 4/20/02)

Update No. 9, Non-Credit Claims - $3000 for Each Prevailing Class Member (revised 10/1/03)

Update No. 10, Debt Relief for Prevailing Class Members (revised 7/11/08)

Update No. 11, Understanding Who Is Part of the Pigford Case (11/27/02)

Update No. 12, Resources for Pigford Claimants (rev. 6/13/2008)

Update No. 13, The Pigford Case Is Closed: No One Can Get Into the Case If They Did Not Apply by Deadlines (6/28/04)

Update No. 14, No Adverse Effect: Future Loans and Loan Servicing for Prevailing Class Members (6/28/04)

Update No. 15, Injunctive Relief: A New Order Changes the Deadlines (5/5/05)

Update No. 16, Federal Income Tax and Debt Relief (8/27/09)



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