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The Office of the Monitor maintained a web site during the Monitor's appointment. This site is a static version of the Monitor's site as of April 4, 2012. The language is preserved in its original present tense, but the material is now historical. This is what the site would have looked like to anyone visiting it on April 4, 2012. Addresses and phone numbers listed on the site may no longer be in service. Statistics on the site will not take into account any changes that occurred after March 31, 2012.


The Office of the Monitor was established pursuant to the Consent Decree entered in the Pigford v. Glickman (now Pigford v. Vilsack) and Brewington v. Glickman (now Brewington v. Vilsack) class action lawsuits. The Consent Decree defines the duties of the Monitor, which include: (1) making periodic written reports on the good-faith implementation of the Consent Decree; (2) attempting to resolve problems that class members may have with respect to the Consent Decree; (3) deciding the merits of Petitions for Monitor Review and ordering reexamination of meritorious claims; and (4) establishing a toll-free number to respond to the questions of class members.

This web site contains public documents, including court orders about the Pigford case. Current orders issued in the case are also available from the Court's web site.

This web site also contains documents that claimants can receive by calling the Monitor's toll free line (1-877-924-7483).  These materials are intended to assist claimants and to provide more information about the relief to which claimants are entitled under the Consent Decree.


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